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Library Guides 2.0: What’s New?

There’s been a major upgrade of the Library’s subject and research guides. This helpful “how to” site helps students and staff with research and referencing as well as linking to other services provided by the Library and the university.

After research into the effectiveness and usability of the old site, the upgrade project team set about creating usable, accessible guides to provide the best possible access to information and resources.


  • Refreshed content – a core team of 6 library staff and research librarians (in collaboration with multiple university stakeholders) spent the best part of a year updating and renewing the content
  • Improved search functionality
  • Streamlined look and feel with responsive design
  • The site features new drop down menus and side bar contents for clearer navigation
  • The layout of the content has been standardised across faculty and subject matter content for more cohesion
  • The upgrade team has ensured the new site addresses best practice for creating accessible content, with better colour and contrast choices and inclusion of ALT text with images.
Example of Law Libguide
Screenshot of Law guide

The information provided in the new subject and research guides aims to arm students with learning skills vital for studying in any discipline to assist in meeting key learning outcomes. They offer guidance around academic sources, the use of critical thinking in identifying information, and how to efficiently locate, evaluate, and effectively use this information.

Please explore the updated guides and let your Research Librarian know if you have any suggestions or feedback!

By Cristina Lee and Abigail Baker