Lessons learned from the Integrated Learning Design Environment

On 26 May, the School of Education – Institute of Early Childhood Seminar Series welcomed Associate Professor Davinia Hernández-Leo from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (UPF).  A/Prof Hernández-Leo presented the background and lessons learned from developing and evaluating the Integrated Learning Design Environment (ILDE).

A/Prof Hernández-Leo
A/Prof Hernández-Leo

Professor Hernández-Leo described the aim of the ILDE is to support teachers to co-create and share learning designs for modules or units. It supports teachers in conceptualising their design, creating the design structure with associated activities and resources for students, and preparing for implementation in a learning management system such as our iLearn. The system has been used by teachers in university, training and school environments.

ILDE integrates existing free- and open-source tools that are designed so that teachers experience a continuous flow while completing the tasks involved in the learning design lifecycle, even when the tasks are supported by different tools. Evaluation of the system has highlighted that working with peers and having the possibility to share ideas with others are highly appreciated features of the ILDE.

The presentation generated some interesting discussion related to the L&T Green Paper. For Macquarie, as we consider moving toward a connected learning community, we will need to develop a strategy for such a cultural shift to collaborative learning design and teaching but also to identify what work practices, tools and systems might best facilitate this shift.