Learn more about how iLearn can help YOU! iLearn Exchange Tuesday 12 August 12-1pm in E6A116


Faculty of Human Sciences iLearn Exchange  Tuesday 12 August 12-1pm    E6A116

  • How can Gradebook (iLearn) and Grademark (Turnitin) help you to grade assessment tasks and provide feedback to your students?
  • How can you use iLearn to flip your classroom?
  • How can student alumni contribute to the learning experience of your current cohorts?
  • How can you use iLearn to build a reflective online community of learning?

These questions will be answered at the Human Sciences iLearn Exchange. Come along and get some helpful tips on electronic marking. And see how your colleagues have used iLearn to flip their classroom and to build online communities of learning. Interested people can enrol here :