Learn how to engage students with Lecture Tools

You’ve read the Teche article about student engagement in face to face, were enthused after hearing the positive experiences of other academics at the Learning and Teaching Exchange and now want to know how to use Lecture Tools?

Then come along to the Lecture Tools workshop!

Date: Monday 23 November

Time: 10am – 11am

Registration: Visit the Workshop booking page

At the Learning and Teaching Exchange on 10 November, we were excited to hear from our early adopters of Lecture Tools at Macquarie. When enrolments and class sizes increased, Chavalin Svetanant and Kayo Nakazawa from Japanese Studies decided to try Lecture Tools to as a way to increase student engagement and interaction in the larger lecture style classes that had previously been smaller tutorials. They found it created a fun and engaging classroom climate, students could participate in a variety of activities on their own device and the lecturer could respond to the immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding throughout the lecture.

Abidali Mohamedali from Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences began using Lecture Tools in 2015 to further engage and motivate his third-year class of 30 students. We were also lucky enough to hear from one of Abidali’s students who found this a less intimidating way to become involved in answering questions during class and as an effective way to take notes on the Lecture Tools slides to revise later on.

In both of these cases the academics hope that Echo 360 (the company behind Lecture Tools) continues to develop the system with more features and a closer integration with Echo recording and iLearn.
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Lecture Tools is integrated with iLearn and allows you to create interactive lecture presentations to increase student engagement and participation in lectures. Students participate on a laptop or mobile device in real-time and can:

  • Answer quizzes and polls
  • Navigate freely between slides
  • Take notes and draw on slides
  • Ask questions digitally to the lecturer
  • Flag confusing slides
  • Bookmark important slides

Visit the Lecture Tools website to find out more!