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Last Orders Please: Use Your TEDS Surveys Wisely

How can teachers find out if they are doing a good job? One way is by asking their students.

Formal student surveys are one of many ways to gain feedback for both quality assurance and enhancement of teaching and curriculum.  Macquarie strongly encourages all teaching staff to undertake regular student surveys. Student feedback on unit content and delivery is useful to improve teaching (or reassure you that you are indeed doing a good job), develop curriculum and improve assessment, and it can also serve as helpful evidence in professional recognition and career progression.

The Teaching Evaluation for Development Service (TEDS) manages the ordering and processing of student feedback surveys on teaching and units. Teaching surveys include the Learner Experience of Teaching (LET) and Individual Supervisor Survey (ISS). The Learner Experience of Unit survey focuses on unit curriculum. There are special versions for People, Planet and PACE units.

If you haven’t already done so, this week is your last chance to order your evaluation surveys (if needed) for this session. Note that at least 21 days notice is usually required between placing your order and the date you want your surveys delivered. If you missed out this session, be sure to watch this space for reminders in next session.

The most common surveys are the LEUs and the LETs. These apply to most units taught on campus:


  • Order every third offering or every two years, unless you have introduced major changes to the unit and want to know the impact on students’ experience.


  • Order at least one per study period, at least one per year to inform your teaching practice.

For other survey types and more information, visit the Student Feedback Surveys webpage.

A few reminders and recommendations in administering TEDS surveys to your students:

  • Do your survey planning early in the study period and let your students know that you will be administering a survey at the end of semester.
  • Be mindful of not over-surveying students, adhere to TEDS recommendations for each survey type.
  • Don’t add too many customised items to the generic surveys. Shorter is better.
  • Don’t order surveys on someone’s behalf.
  • Don’t administer several surveys in one session.
  • Follow the survey instructions included in the survey pack – these instructions are designed to ensure the anonymity of the student responses
  • It is probably not a good idea to ask students to fill in the survey right before or after exams. TEDS closes online surveys before the exam period starts.
  • Think about good timing, e.g.  between weeks 10 or 13, at the start or end of the class, etc.
  • Allow enough time for students to respond to open ended questions.

Please email TEDS for any other enquires.