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Is iLearn down, or is it just me?

Like all technology, iLearn can sometimes seem to experience a technical hiccup, become slow or even go offline. But any number of things could actually be the cause of this – such as your broadband connection, or the wireless network on campus, or maybe Cookie Monster decided to break the internet.  Here are a few simple steps to work out what’s causing the problem.

1. Check status.ilearn

Find out whether there’s an iLearn outage or technical issues affecting Echo, iTeach or Turnitin: visit

2. Are other websites working?

Try to access Macquarie’s home page at
or the Library at  Both of these are publicly accessible. The only reasons you should have any difficulty reaching them are:

  • a temporary network failure between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Macquarie;
  • a temporary failure of the server you are trying to reach;
  • your ISP is blocking access to the server you are trying to reach. This is unlikely, but if your ISP is your employer then there is a remote chance of it happening.

3. Is it a temporary outage at MQ?

Check the notices section of This Week At Macquarie to see if there’s any IT Maintenance scheduled,  or follow @mqu_it on Twitter for the latest news about any unscheduled outages.

4. Test your internet speed

Try a speed check of your internet connection via a site like (on the results page you can see how your connection compares with national and global averages – interesting).

If all else fails, restart your computer, try a new browser and check your settings.   If technical problems persist, please email