Introducing Teche INSIGHTS with Prashan Karunaratne

All of a sudden it’s O-week and you find yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of Session 1. Is your unit set up properly in iLearn, are you ready for your first lecture, are you still in summer holiday mode or are you on track with your new year’s resolution to do things differently?

Throughout 2017 the Teche team will be sticking to our resolution to improve Teche and its processes. We’d like to start by introducing Teche INSIGHTS, a video series uncovering people, faculties or departments and shining a light on the great work they are doing.

For our first Teche INSIGHTS we sat down with Prashan Karunaratne, Adjunct Lecturer, PhD Student (read his research publication here) and economics lecturer extraordinaire. Somewhat of a household name around MQ (he has been teaching here for 14 years, 11 years of that as a lecturer) Prashan is known for his ability to pack out the Macquarie Theatre.

Much to our surprise, Prashan never rehearses his lectures and doesn’t use slides or powerpoints. He prefers to start each semester with an open mind, “don’t presuppose your audience… offer yourself as a human first, teacher second”. But he does insist on checking the AV is working first.

Prashan’s Top Tips for Lectures.

Prashan’s advice for starting the Session right.

If someone in your department is doing something outstanding, let us know so we can share their INSIGHTS too!

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