Is this the first Indigenous Strategy Green Paper by an Australian university?

Appointed last year, Director of Indigenous Strategy Shane Hearn didn’t want to leap straight into a strategy document. That’s because we as a University need to engage in a real dialogue about Indigenous access and participation, and create the whole of university partnerships that will pave the way forward. Enter our Indigenous Strategy Green Paper – quite possibly a sector first.

Some Talking Points for Learning and Teaching

The Green Paper is wide-ranging and its new strategic directions will touch most areas of the University’s work. Here are a few talking points around learning and teaching:

  • Improving Macquarie’s performance in terms of attracting, retaining and graduating Indigenous students
  • Exploring the expansion of online teaching opportunities for Indigenous students
  • Creating an Indigenous cross-University curriculum
  • Better fostering knowledge and understanding about Indigenous people and culture throughout our curriculum (Only 3.2% of Macquarie units included a reference to Indigenous perspectives in 2013).
  • Incorporating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into trans-disciplinary “big ideas” units

Read It (and give feedback)

As Shane says, the first thing you should do is read it.

Download the Green Paper from the DVC-A website, provide feedback (until 29 January 2016), and let the Walanga Muru The Office of Indigenous Strategy know how they can partner with your area.

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