Imposter Syndrome: Part 3

Hello Everyone, my name is Lauren Bacigalupo. I have only recently started here at the Learning Innovation Hub but I have a confession to make before writing more on the great and all amusing Teche Blog. You see my background is in Journalism, I even worked at a fashion mag* (hardly a real writer) but I have what Mike refers to as imposter syndrome; significantly so with writing.

When I was told on my first day, back in August, that I could write for Teche, ‘You’re a journalist, you will be great’, it scared the living daylights out of me.

‘Write……..oh no; for academics to read, double oh no. You struggled to write an essay University’. The imposter syndrome kicked in, it kicked in hard.

The next week it was suggested I use my journalism ‘skills’ to interview a fellow Macquarie staff member about ‘drone-mounted geophysics’.

‘Oh great.’ The girl who in the past wrote (for a brief period) about shampoos, now had to interview Professor Craig O’Neill about Drones. ‘How on Earth am I going to conduct an interview and then write for an academic blog’.

The fear was setting in, but I did (what some would call) my research; reading hours of blog entries on Teche.

I sat down with the then Teche Editor, Lucy Arthur, to show her my interview structure.

‘I’m sorry, do you mind reading over my questions, I used to have to show my editor my questions, just briefly’.

‘Don’t stress Lauren, it’s more of a casual writing style on Teche, and if you are interviewing someone like Craig, you don’t need it to be a factual report, other academics will want to read what he is up to in a basic writing style anyway’.

So I didn’t actually have to be an academic to write for this blog, hmmmmm.

With all the fear inside me turning my stomach inside out, I went onto interview Craig, and eventually (albeit with quite long periods of procrastination) wrote an article for Teche, which you can read here.

But back to the point of this article.

Set with the task of writing my second article for Teche, I sat and pondered on Mike’s imposter article. How was I supposed to write another Teche post if it was completely void of any personality. I would feel like an imposter.

‘Why not inject a little dash of your own personality in there Lauren.’

My subject was interesting and I enjoyed the interview, so in an effort to improve my writing and appeal more to the reader, I have tried to add a touch of my own personality while reflecting that of my subject.

One of my dearest friends has a blog whose personality shines through so extensively in her writing it’s like you can hear her in the room with you as you read the story. It’s so much more captivating, but it is a fine art, and one that doesn’t come easy to everyone, however I am going to try.

So with that, I present to you, Elizabeth Hitches and her amazing Undergraduate Research!

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  1. Good to have you on board! I agree that adding some personality is a good thing in a blog like Teche. It’s so much more conversational, and often involve stories — which also makes it more memorable.

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