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iLearn Upgrade Released

Next time you log into iLearn, you will notice a few small changes.

The annual iLearn upgrade was successfully released today.  Much of the upgrades affect iLearn ‘under the hood’, there are also functional improvements as well as updating iLearn to reflect our new Shared Identity.

The most notable changes are:

  • new login page
  • new Macquarie University logo
  • improved editing menu for teaching staff
    Screen Shot iLearn editing menu
  • Simplified look HTML editor.  Refer to the guide here.Screen Shot HTML editor simple view

    Full menu viewScreen Shot HTML extended menu

As with all software, upgrades need to happen to ensure best performance.  iLearn operates on learning management system (LMS) Moodle and we have upgraded to Moodle version 2.7.
Students and staff were notified, see this previous post for details

Where do I find out more about the actual changes to iLearn?
Visit the News and Notices section on the iLearn info webpage to view documentation about the changes.  Look for What’s new in iLearn 2.7?

What about the quick guides?
All of the iLearn resources including quick guides and self-help materials have been updated to reflect the changes, including guides for students.

What if I find a problem?
As always, with any issues please report them to

2 thoughts on “iLearn Upgrade Released”

  1. OK I give up! How is it ‘improved’ to have to do two things whenever I want to edit something in my iLearn units instead of one? And who do I send the physiotherapy bill to?

    1. Sandey, thanks for your feedback. Someone from our iLearn team is going to contact you directly to see how we can work to improve the issue you are having.

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