iLearn Hot Tips!

Many of you who are teaching in Session 2 will have the new look of iLearn applied to your unit but why isn’t it showing on your iLearn sandbox?

We were only able to apply the new theme to Session 2 unit created in iTeach.  As sandboxes aren’t made through iTeach, you will need to apply the new look of iLearn to your sandbox yourself but don’t worry, it’s easy as and should take no more than two minutes of your time!

  1. Go to your sandbox
  2. Hover your mouse over Tools
  3. Click on Unit Administration
  4. Click on Edit settings
  5. Scroll down to Appearance and click on the word to open
  6. At the Force theme drop-down menu, select MQ 2014 (either select your preference of numbered or unnumbered topics – more info below)
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click on Save changes

Numbered v’s Unnumbered
numbered unnumbered



It’s all about personal preference but remember, if you have an Introduction or other section before your weeks/topics start, then the numbering will be out of alignment as in the example below.

Numbered v unnumbered topics