Unit Guides deadline – 9am Monday 22 February!

Are your unit guides ready to go for Session 1??Unit Guides

This is a reminder to all academic staff that ALL UNIT GUIDES should be loaded in the  Unit Guides system by 9am Monday 22 February.

Unit Guides is the official Macquarie University approved repository for all Unit Guides. Unit Guides will  also be randomly audited this year for compliance.

The Unit Guide policy requires that all unit guides must be uploaded into the system ahead of semester and not doing so can become grounds for a student grade appeal.

Unit Guides must be available at least one week before the scheduled start date of the unit. For units offered externally, the Unit Guide should be available six weeks before the scheduled start date of the unit.

More information on how to set up your unit guide can be found here and the Unit Guide Policy is here.

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