H-E-L-P!! Student iLearn Help

Oh, it’s that awful feeling.  Your inbox is inundated with emails from students.  Something is wrong with iLearn!!  I don’t know how to submit my assignment to Turnitin!  Where are my grades?  How do I use the forum??   Stress is rising, you can feel it creeping up your back…. but relax, you don’t have to be tech support for your students but you can be the conduit by pointing out to your students where they can go for iLearn help.

We all know that students email teaching staff first when looking for iLearn help.  Why?  It’s just the easy option.  While we can’t stop this from happening, we can direct them to the right places.

So where to go?  Well, there are a few options:

    1. The help link in the iLearn unit. 
      This is located in the top red bar in iLearn.  It’s smart too!  It will pick up on what page you are looking at show the top FAQs for that particular type of activity (such as a forum) or you can search for what you need help with.
      iLearn Help link


    1. The help info in the footer of iLearn
      If you scroll down to the bottom of the page when in iLearn, you will find useful links in iLearn, specifically for students and staff.
      iLearn Footer Help links


    1. Student iLearn Guides
      The Learning and Teaching Centre has a host of various iLearn guides for students, from getting started to how to submit a Turnitin assignment.  Why not share this link with your students or put it in your iLearn unit in a HTML block or as a url?


    1. OneHelp – IT Help
      The OneHelp team supports students in their use of iLearn.  Phone, email or walk in!OneHelp info


Probably one of the most common gripes about iLearn are the emails every time someone posts to a forum.  This is easily managed by changing a setting in your iLearn profile, you can just get one email per day rather than one every time someone posts!  You can also make it into a community building opportunity by encouraging your students to put up a profile picture.  Research shows social presence plays a big part in student retention in online units.  Of course if you are asking students to do this, you should encourage them by putting up your own profile picture.
Profile icon courtesty of http://pixabay.comOR    http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AKen_Richters_Profile.jpg

As with the reality of technology, it sometimes goes down or may feel very slow.  Sometimes it is something going on with the network that is out of Macquaries control.  You can check though if something is up with the systems by looking at status.ilearn.mq.edu.au.  This page will give you the low down on any issues current or past.

Happy iLearning to you! (Yes, I know that’s not a real word but I like making them up.)

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