Giving students better access to information in Gradebook

We’ve often heard that assessments and feedback can help drive learning. As convenors, you go to great lengths to develop assessments and provide feedback that supports learning. However, are you optimising the impact of assessments and feedback on student learning?

Let’s look at the undertilised Gradebook and how you can ensure that it supports student learning.

Do students know that there is a Gradebook in your unit? You’d be surprised that not all students know to look in Tools>Unit administration>Grades to access their Gradebook. This can be easily rectified by posting in the general announcements forum at the start of the unit so that all students know about the Gradebook and how to access it.  

Do students know that you have marked their work? Sometimes students will not think to check their results and or feedback. Consider sending out an announcement that tasks have been marked and students can access their results and feedback.

Have you designed your Gradebook so that it clearly lays out the assessment tasks, is easy to navigate and understand? Sometimes convenors do not look at their Gradebook until the end of a session. They may find that the Gradebook sums to more than 100, there may be tasks in the Gradebook that do not reflect the value in the unit guide, or the tasks are scattered throughout the Gradebook. This represents a missed opportunity for you to use the Gradebook as a tool to better inform students of their results throughout the session. Consider using categories to group similar assessment tasks, laying out tasks using the same titles and in the same order as your unit guide and ensuring that the weightings and ranges for each task align with the guide. This will ensure students can quickly and easily see that the assessment tasks in the guide are clearly reflected in the Gradebook.

I’m interested, what next?

If you are interested in optimising student learning by using your Gradebook, you don’t have set up your Gradebook by yourself, you can go to Quick Guides on  Gradebook, ask the learning designer assigned to your faculty, or if you are in the Faculty of Arts drop by  the Drop-in Clinic run by the Arts Learning and Teaching team on Mondays (1-2) and Tuesdays (12-1) in W6A325.