Give your feedback a voice

Did you know that you can leave a voice comment in Grademark as feedback for students on their assignment?

Voice comments can be a really simple way to provide a personal touch to your feedback for a student, in addition to your standard saved Quickmark comments. It can also be a particularly useful method for engaging and reaching your external students and connecting with those who you may not see regularly face to face. Some people just find it easier to say it out loud rather than writing it down!

How do I make a voice comment?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.31.29 amYou’ve got a max of three minutes to voice your feedback comment. It’s very easy to record, review and redo if you don’t like your first take.
Simply click on the General Comments icon in the Grademark document viewer and click on the Microphone icon in the Voice Comment section to start recording. Press the Stop button once you have finished and Play to listen back to it. If you are happy with it click Save, or Delete if you want another go.

How do students listen to the voice comment?

Students will be able to listen to your comment in the same General Comments section, after the post date when they open their assignment in Grademark.

Want more information?

View the voice comments quick guide or video for more detailed instructions.
Attend an upcoming Grademark workshop.
Read about more voice comment ideas on the Turnitin community blog.

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