Gamification and Education

Games… and education? Can education seem like just a game? How can a teacher be a player in the game?

The Learning Innovation Hub is hosting the next LTX event to answer all these questions – including a live demo.

What: Short presentations by Dr Brian Ballsun-Stanton, Dr Catherine Fargher, Dr Malcolm Ryan and Dr Rowan Tulloch followed by demos and discussion.

When: Thursday 27th October, 3pm – 4:30pm

Where: C5A 430 Active Learning Space

Who: Anyone who is interested

Register here:

Bring: Yourself and beverage of choice – nibbles will be provided

Dr Rowan Tulloch will be talking about his experience of gamifying the university classroom. He will discuss his methods and techniques, but also the challenges, misconceptions, and barriers encountered in the process of attempting to integrate pedagogically rigorous gamification in a tertiary context.

Dr Malcolm Ryan will present an overview of the approaches to gamification and game-based learning and how they relate to the principles of engagement employed in the game design industry, with an aim to correct some popular misconceptions about what games are and why they are fun.

Dr Brian Ballsun-Stanton will discuss archaeological pedagogy in minecraft. This event will feature group work in destroying and documenting before and after shots of sample communities built from these guidelines.

Dr Catherine Fargher will talk about user testing with younger audiences (8-12) for the Dr. Egg Adventures story world. We will also show game pedagogy developments from the University of Southern California Game Development Lab.