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Macquarie in international games-based learning competition

The International Educational / Serious Games Competition of the European Conference on Games-Based Learning (ECGBL 2014) will include two entries from Macquarie University:  The Reading Game and ECOGAME.

The Reading Game asks students to submit question and answers, to create a collective learning space where every action serves to introduce, build, or clarify concepts from the unit of study.   The Ecogame is an online simulation where students choose sites on a map-based interface where they conduct virtual biodiversity surveys. (Ref. Macquarie University takes gamification to new level http://www.cio.com.au/article/556253/macquarie-university-takes-gamification-new-level/).

The two Macquarie University entries will be presented and exhibited to the judging panel in camera and again to the conferences by their creators Robert Parker (Educational Developer, Learning and Teaching Centre) and Richard Kroon (Game Developer and Consultant). These two games have been successfully deployed and trialled via Macquarie University’s Moodle implementation iLearn in 2013 and 2014 in nine units of study. The Reading Game is planned to be rolled out through Moodle next year to Macquarie University at large.

The ECGBL 2014 will be held in October at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and has scientists and companies that deal with game-based teaching and learning approaches and applications exchanging results of research and application of traditional and digital games for learning purposes.