FoHS Learning Support evolution 2016

2016 marked a transition to Faculty level learning support which had been provided by the Learning and Teaching Centre.  With the ‘devolution’ of the LTC, we were allocated three roles and that’s how we ended up with Agnes, Alex (who is currently on parental leave), Rebecca and Beverley (who is replacing Alex).  We also have Dr Natal’ya Galliott, Dr Susanne Pratt, Ray Gillies working on two projects, Kylie Coaldrake replacing Lia, who is project managing one of our strategic grants.  Phew!  You’ve met most of us before and may remember us from And Gladly articles such as:

In this new framework, we have been afforded an opportunity to re-think how design support is offered to academics. This approach promised agility, flexibility and responsiveness to faculty needs, while supporting a whole of institution innovation and strategy.

What we’ve been working on:

  • iLearn support, which is a priority!  We want you to feel that you have the help that you need.  Honestly, there are some great things about iLearn but also some tricky things.  We can help solve that tricky stuff for you.
  • pedagogical advice and practical strategies
  • blended learning strategies, mainly through the flipped classroom model, which is pretty much another term for blended learning
  • program design, including templates for iLearn units
  • the Faculty Learning and Teaching Plan, including the transition iLearn unit for 2017 1st year undergraduate students,  Survival Guide to Faculty of Human Sciences (more in another article)
  • running professional development courses Foundations in Learning and Teaching and Tutor Induction Program
  • working in teams on Faculty grants
  • the implementation of the Master of Disability online units, which we will be delivering through iLearn in 2017, with The Royal Institue for Deaf and Blind Children
  • Professional Development Program for Schools Engagement project, developing a suite of blended professional learning courses for school teachers
  • representing the Faculty in other university-wide projects and committees, panels, working parties, advisory groups, presenting at conferences, etc.
  • writing for And Gladly, Teche, The Slow Academic and publications

What’s next for 2017?  

Our main focus will be on implementing the (currently green paper) Learning and Teaching Plan for the faculty.    A lot of what we are doing will continue into next year but we are going to reveal some of our special plans in another post.

Remember, we are here to support you.  Just ask.  If you give us enough notice, we can do just about anything!

Happy festive season!