Dean’s Awards – Lawrence Ang

Lawrence Ang is the program director of the Bachelors of Marketing and Media and the next recipient of the Dean’s Awards List we feature on our blog post. (You can read Part 1: Steve Erichsen here)

Lawrence has been awarded the ‘Program Leadership’ award for his contribution as the Program Coordinator. We meet in his office to talk about it, and as Lawrence starts talking excitedly at the rate of 100 words/minute, I realise I need to scribble my notes pretty quickly. We dive straight into it. He says that there are four cornerstones to the program.

  • Exposing students to real world clients in their capstone unit – MECO399. This is the unit where students prepare an integrated marketing communications plan for a real client and receive direct feedback from the media agency as well as the client. (Not to mention, the winning team walked away with a Sony PlayStation each, last semester) This is a great experience for the students as they not only work on a real world problem, but also get an opportunity to work directly with the corporate world.
  • The faculty has used Harvard case studies for a while now. However, Lawrence has tweaked the model slightly to make it more program based. The students follow through on the lessons they learnt in the case study by attending lectures by guest speakers on the same topic. Not only does it ensure deeper learning for the students, but also makes the learning more cohesive.
  • Presentation Skills is key for this program. (And arguably, for any Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 3.35.45 pmrole in today’s world) which led Lawrence to commission the Learning and Teaching Center to create specific, online resources to help students do better at presentations. These resources can be accessed here by all students.
  • The program is relatively new and this has helped in ensuring that it had a program approach, leading to program learning outcomes. Based on his experience in research in MECO399, being involved with the AACSB accreditation and being the department’s Learning and Teaching coordinator for 7 years, Lawrence says it was easy for him to see the big picture and that helped him design this M&M program.

Lawrence admits that he has a very hands-on approach  – keeping on top of things and reaching out to the unit convenors asking them to tweak their units as required based on program design. He also likes to keep on top of any innovative practices and has employed KickStart for Programs to let students know what to expect from their degree. “With that said, I have to admit I got lucky and have smaller classes with high ATAR cutoffs,” he adds cheekily.

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