And Merrily Teche: Our 2015 Favourites

When Frank the Bear gets his Santa Hat on, it must be time to name the Teche posts of the year. Here are our 2015 favourites, as selected by the editorial team.

death-by-presentation by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

1. Avoiding Death by Powerpoint – Using Powerpoint
by Danny Liu

“Danny rescues Powerpoint from its reputation as a medieval torture device with some excellent tips for keeping things simple and focusing on visual cues. Bonus points for dissing Prezi.”  – Lucy Arthur

Alex Thackray2. Welcome to XRay Thackray
By Lia Saunders

“Shows a human side to the people that work day in day out to support the greater enterprise of the University i.e. learning and teaching. In this respect Alex has always been a star.” – Helen Carter

Mitch3-black3. Death of the Lecture – Have the Reports Been Greatly Exaggerated?
Interview with Mitch Parsell, by Lucy Arthur

“A good summary of some effective alternatives to the lecture – posing interesting questions and challenging assumptions. Plus suggestions for lecturers on what they should focus on if they want students to attend lectures.” – Chris Froissard

Earth Logo for Ohio University Libraries' Earth Month 2010 activities by Ohio University Libraries CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

4.Sustainability in Teaching – It’s Not Just About the Environment
by Tanya Rose

“A great write up by Tanya Rose about a fantastic workshop during Learning and Teaching Week about sustainability in teaching. There are so many different ways to embed sustainability into your curriculum and it is important to remember that ‘sustainability’ is more than just recycling!” – Amanda Parker

“He's really interested in Algorithms and Data Structures” by Scott Jackson 2009 CC BY 2.0

5. How to Make Your Lectures More Active for Students
by Chris Froissard

“Because all this talk about getting rid of lectures isn’t productive. We should accept that lectures have their place with great potential to inspire, challenge, and motivate a whole bunch of students at once, and work hard to improve them so that they can be worthwhile learning experiences for students.” – Danny Liu

Thanks & happy holidays to all our fabulous contributors and readers!