Excusez-moi, but do you know about our foreign language DVDs?

Foreign language DVDs and how to access them.

I wonder how many languages are spoken at Macquarie University? Could those languages equate to the number of foreign language DVD’s held in the library collection?

You might be surprised to hear that our DVD collection holds over 65 different languages, and that some of these languages may be unknown to you. For instance, who knew we had films in Inuktitut (ok, so only one), Mandingo and Tok Pisin? More resourced is the Finnish collection with a grand total of 16 titles.GrandSilence

Less surprising is the larger collection in German, French, Italian and Spanish, as well as titles in Turkish, Portuguese and Swedish.

If you fancy checking out material, here are some simple steps on how to go about requesting them.

1. Go to our Multisearch advanced screen
2. Choose ‘film’ as the keyword, and ‘audio visual’ as the material type. The limiter on the left titled ‘language’ will give you further options.
3. Then, if you find a title you want in Multisearch, use the ‘request’ tab at the bottom of the record. Material will be ready for collection about 20 minutes after you complete the request.

PrinceFilmOur information desk inside the library entrance can also guide you.

Our DVD film collection covers material which includes feature films, biography, TV series and documentary. We also offer video streaming options which include these areas as well as clinical and learning workshops, and more.

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