5 thoughts on “Ever wondered how tennis balls are made?”

  1. It’s quite cool (and unfathomable) to reflect on how almost everything around us was designed by someone at some point. I also like how videos like this this bring attention to the research and engineering the births such products. It gives a sense of tangibility about the work that goes on by scientists and engineers of days past.

    You might also like the Engineer Guy’s YouTube channel, which is enlightening and entertaining. It’s captivating to find out about how a humble aluminium soda can works, or why the other queue seems to move faster when you’re at the shops buying milk. People around the world are being set on the path to becoming engineers and researchers after watching videos like these!

    And while I’m here, here’s another impressive video that demonstrates accelerated learning, where an older adult — who has never played tennis — learns to play to a reasonable level in a single afternoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50L44hEtVos

    1. Thanks for the video links Arun! I love the Engineering Guy, thanks for introducing me to him. I never realised there were so many steps involved in creating an aluminium can and often wondered why the bottom was domed.
      I’ve always been unco at tennis, maybe the ‘bounce, hit’ accelerated learning strategy might improve my game? Oh, and actually going to a court sometime!

    1. Maybe they get into a really zen place, with all of that repetitive movement. Kind of like a hypnotic state.

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