An educative approach to academic integrity

In light of the recent MQ announcement regarding the University’s independent investigation into the alleged use of the MyMaster website by some Macquarie students, the need for the Macquarie University community to continue to promote the values of academic integrity is as important as ever.

We would like to invite all academic staff to a workshop on ‘Engaging your students in Academic Integrity’. This workshop takes an educative approach to the issue of plagiarism and aims to give staff insight into students’ perspectives on academic integrity.

Participants will also have the opportunity to share their experiences and develop some appropriate strategies. Ideas for promoting academic integrity within cohorts will be considered, as well as strategies for designing effective assessment tasks. Macquarie University’s Academic Integrity Student Ambassadors will also be joining the workshop to explain their role within the University.

Engaging your Students in Academic Integrity

Tuesday 24th March

10.00am – 11.30am

E6A 116

To register click here.

2 thoughts on “An educative approach to academic integrity”

  1. Hi Victoria
    As you know, I’m not an academic but I administer academic honesty matters for FOHS so I would really appreciate being able to sit in on this workshop if possible?


    1. Hi Lia
      We’d love to have you come along to the workshop but I think it would be great to have your input into the session rather than just an observer, if this was what you were suggesting.
      I know Human Sciences have had a lot of success with their efforts to improve Academic Integrity in the faculty and it would be great if you could share how the faculty went about this – does that sound okay?
      It’ll be great to have you there!

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