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Echo Sights Student Engagement

Echo, synonymous with lecture recordings forms one pillar supporting the iLearn platform. Driven by largely by student demand, automated lecture capture at Macquarie has seen usage increase 30% year on year over the past decade. Current practice is to automatically record timetabled lectures in any of the 140 supported venues.

Looking to diversify their blended learning solutions, Echo360 (product vendor) has sought to expand offerings beyond the ubiquitous lecture capture, and provided a hands on demonstration of new and planned enhancements during a recent user conference.

Active Learning Platform
Echo’s Active Learning Process





The most compelling of these enhancements is derived from Echo360’s acquisition of LectureTools, an online student engagement tool. LectureTools is in the process of being integrated into the Echo platform, and along with existing lecture capture features will be marketed by Echo360 as the “Active Learning Platform”.

Similar to services like Socrative and Poll Everywhere, Echo’s mobile friendly engagement tool features;

  • Realtime Polling
    Realtime Polling

    Live polling and interactive slides. Multiple choice, ordered list, image based and open ended questions.

  • Text based Q&A. Academic can choose to answer during or after class. Q&A remains associated with each slide/presentation visible to all students to review.

    Student Notes, Q&A
    Student Notes, Q&A
  • Student’s personal notes. Associated with each slide/presentation, a students notes are kept private and are available online for the student to review.
  • Analytics. Customised weights are applied to data of recording views and presentation interaction with statistics
    Custom Weighted Analytics
    Custom Weighted Analytics

    on attendance, poll answers, quantity of notes and Q&A engagement providing student specific metrics to academics.

While still subject to trial and evaluation, Echo’s student engagement feature may find favor with academics on account of the support offered by the LTC, the tight integration with iLearn and the close association of interactive lectures (including polls, student’s notes and Q&A) with their subsequent recordings.

We can expect to see more of Echo’s new Active Learning Platform over the next 18 months, but for the time being you can trial LectureTools in it’s current ‘non-integrated’ form. Contact us if you’re interested by emailing

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