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Drop-in and refresh your iLearn unit

As we reach the end of the year, now is the perfect time to reflect on what you thought worked and didn’t work so well in your teaching this year, and to and take on board any feedback from your students. Are there things you’d like to tweak or change for next time? Session 1, 2016 iLearn spaces can already be created in iTeach, so why not make a start now while it’s all fresh in your mind!

Want some help with this?

Then come along to the December iLearn Drop-in Clinic sessions and meet with someone from the friendly iLearn team.

Drop in any time during the following hours:
Thursday 3 December 11am – 1pm
Wednesday 9 December 10am – 12pm
Venue: W6B357

Want some ideas on how to go about refreshing your unit?

Read about the five steps to Refresh your course without (too much) pain and suffering by Rebecca Brent from Education Designs, Inc. It all starts with identifying why you’d like to make a change and then following the steps for gathering ideas, planning and implementing your changes. You’ll be reassured by the advice in this article that you only need to start small and a good approach is to spread changes over multiple semesters.

You can inject some new life into your unit with simple additions to your iLearn space such as a new activity or resource, or links to recent videos or images relevant to the topic. Even better, involve your students in searching out these new resources! Of course, if you are feeling game why not check out these tools new to iLearn, Zoom web conferencing or Lecture Tools interactive presentations!

Written by Amanda Parker

Amanda Parker

Amanda Parker is the Learning Technologies Operations Manager with the Learning Innovation Hub at Macquarie. She loves supporting all the wonderful staff at Macquarie with using learning technologies in their teaching. If you haven’t met Amanda at an iLearn session or the Drop-in Clinic, you will find her at the MQ gym every lunchtime! Her gorgeous little boy Lucas, keeps Amanda very busy, with any free time dedicated to playing ultimate frisbee and orienteering.

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