Direct from Dublin: The 12 Apps of Christmas!

Some of Teche’s friends in Ireland are running an intriguing festive-themed project around personalised learning – and they’re ho-ho-hoping you’ll get involved!

“This is the second year that we’re running The 12 Apps of Christmas project.” says Dr Frances Boylan, eLearning developer (and Teche reader) from Dublin Institute of Technology.  “Last year 700 academics worldwide registered and followed along and the feedback was great. It has since won two international awards so we’re very happy. So this year we’ve opened it up to students too.

“There are already almost 500 registered for this year’s project and there are even a few from Australia in there, but it would be great to advertise it more on your side of the world!”

How it works

“On our website an app will be reviewed each day for 12 weekdays, in terms of how it can help students personalise their learning. There’s also information provided for staff on little things they can do to encourage personalisation and create the type of environment that will support it. Many of the apps could be integrated into their teaching and assessment practices too.”

With prizes to be won and opportunities to share with and learn from an international community of students and educators,  you’d be crazy to, er, mistletoe it!

Visit the 12 Apps of Christmas site to register