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Cutting the ties that bind: 6 benefits of life without cords

Some people don’t care about this, but I’m incredibly passionate about cords or the lack of. A recent misfortune on a trip gave me taste of the future that Apple are apparently driving us toward. Will you be kicking and screaming or will you revel in your new found freedom? I’ve often dreamed of a life without cords.  The freedom it would offer, the removal of unsightly twisted mess, WHS issues will be greatly reduced!  How many times have you tripped over a cord?

On a recent holiday I left my headphones on an aeroplane, obviously I had to replace them ASAP!  I decided to splash out and start living the life I’d so often dreamt of,  buying  myself a pair of wireless headphones.  I was truly living the dream.

Apple are reportedly ditching the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7!  Some people will be horrified by this, some may be offended by Apple forcing us to buy new gear (will they bringing out their own line of wireless headphones?) .

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Does this make you break out in a nervous rash?
Here’s five ways that life is much more beautiful without one less cord:
    • no more spending hours trying to untangle your cord before putting on your headphones
    • no more catching your cord on door handles or on strangers backpacks on the train/bus
    • moving around more easily (ie. getting up out of your plane seat and not being yoinked back down by the cord when you forget to unplug)
    • take off your backpack without getting caught in the cord
    •  the general sense of freedom it evokes and the joy of no longer being one of the people suffering one of the above predicaments.

Are you a cord lover or OCD’er like myself?  Share your comment below.

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