Babel* fishing eduspeak**: Digital literacy

Term or phrase:  Digital literacy

Babel fish interpretation: 

In its simplicity, digital literacy when you have the ability to  locate, organize, understand, evaluate, analyse and bring meaning to information using any form of digital technology.   However, there is a perception that all students (especially if they are younger that the lecturer/teacher) are digitally literate, which is not always the case.   Many students don’t know how to use Excel, even though they are studying Finance or Economics. 

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Practical tips:

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If you are asking students to complete a task using digital technologies, give them a hand:

  • Explain the purpose of the task being completed with the required technology.  Does it link to a learning outcome or graduate capability of your unit?
  • Give a list of possible (but not limited) tools/apps/programs they could use
  • Give a link to at least one help resource for a suggested tool/app/program
  • Give a recommendation of the maximum file size (NB. iLearn uploading only allows a maximum of 5MB – forums, 20MB – Turnitin, 50MB – iLearn assignment, unlimited MB for the blog)
  • It is also a good idea to ask students to either upload a transcript to accompany any video or audio, or use captions to a. make their work accessible to all students and b. encourage the use of making work accessible as normal practice when it is going to be shared
  • Last but not least, always best practice to give the students a rubric so they know what exactly you will be looking for when assessing the work.

Want more info?

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*Who or what is Babel Fish?
**eduspeak is the term given to educational jargon