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167,000 stories

It’s been a while, for which I must apologise. But there’s been a lot happening some of which I’ll write about in the weeks to come. In particular, the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework (or White Paper) has been released – albeit somewhat quietly. Expect a little bit more noise soon as we roll out its implementation and this post marks the start of a more regular conversation.

For the moment though, I want to briefly reflect on the last few weeks.

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Consult!! L and T Strategy Update

As promised in the Learning and Teaching Week keynote, we’re rolling out a range of consultative processes up to the release of a Green Paper. 
A series of program design days and academic lunches are already in train, and we have drafted the attached document for consultation and feedback. This (short) document articulates some of the key themes that have emerged in initial discussions around a long term learning and teaching framework for Macquarie University. Over the past few months, they have been robustly debated by a working group consisting of the DVC-A, the PVC L&T, the Chair of Senate, ADs L&T, ADs Q&S and the Directors of LTC, PACE and COE.

Many of these ideas have already been communicated through Teche, at two planning days involving 80 colleagues, and via a number of Executive, SLTC, FLTC, Faculty and Departmental meetings. We are keen to circulate the ideas further for discussion and feedback, but understand that there are immediate deadlines around examinations, research and grant writing, as well as the rapidly approaching holiday season.
But rather than delay circulation for a better time (and there really is no *good* time!!), it was agreed to circulate this paper for consultation with a request that colleagues read, reflect and respond whenever they are able over the next couple of months. You can respond to the entire document, or simply those bits which you find most engaging or problematic – whenever you like between now and January 16th 2015. We will incorporate all feedback in the draft Green Paper.
Your feedback can be submitted in a number of ways

  1. As an email to
  2. Via this a google form here:

(Please note that the google form response is depersonalised – the requirement to login to google docs is merely to ensure that responses are from MQ colleagues)

3. Via your Faculty Associate Dean (they will let you know their preferred method of communication)

4. As comments on this blog post

A Festival of Assessment

The Fairfax press devoted some energy last week to the revelation that some students indulge in what might be called ‘contract cheating’ – paying a third party to do assessment tasks for them. Many of you would have suspected that this does happen, and some of you have made me aware of suspicious activity. Indeed, our academic honesty processes have resulted in some students appearing before the discipline committee in such circumstances.

There has been a predictable response – such as calls for a return to compulsory 100% exams.

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Continuing the Conversation

Just a reminder that the first event in Learning and Teaching Week will be an update on the Learning and Teaching Strategy. I’m delighted to welcome our new DVC-A, Professor John Simons who will join me on the day. Together we’ll continue the conversation  on the future of Learning and Teaching at Macquarie – and hopefully provoke an interesting discussion. Look forward to seeing you there on Monday 22nd @ 10am 🙂