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Can we reimagine the economics of higher education?

In Australia, with a proposed future privatised higher education market place, we will need to be thinking ahead.  There are so many overlapping interests to reimagine the economics of higher education to enable accessible education, that a portfolio of solutions will be required to allow students to overcome barriers and find a solution for their needs as lifelong learners.  Continue reading Can we reimagine the economics of higher education?

The Reading Game explained

Most people like games and play them from childhood throughout life. From hide and seek in a playground, board and dice games, card games, PlayStation and Xbox game consoles, video games such as World of Warcraft, Bubble Witch Saga, and Minecraft to reward and loyalty games like Frequent Flyers. Many games have the ability to immerse players into the world of the game and engage their attention into what the learning literature calls “flow”, a temporary condition that subordinates the player’s awareness to achieving the challenges provided by the game. The challenges are not too easy nor too hard that might induce boredom or discouragement, but keeps players at the growing edge of their competence, so the experience is enjoyable, pleasantly frustrating and achievable.

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