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How brave are we? Laying down the challenge at #mqltweek

As you’re no doubt aware, Macquarie is undergoing a period of organisational renewal, under the banner of A Framing of Futures. During this process, the University is casting its eyes towards the future, challenging each of us with the question: who do we want to be?

Under the auspices of this lofty inquiry, DVC (Academic ) Professor John Simons and PVC (Learning, Teaching and Diversity) Professor Sherman Young took to the stage to open Learning & Teaching Week 2014, in their much anticipated update on the development of a new Learning & Teaching Plan.

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Scissors, Paper, Rocks: Gamification in Earth Sciences

 Just this week, Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, a fitting symbol of the games industry’s massive reach and appeal. It’s fair to say that gaming has long since left the basement and entered into the mainstream.

From the mainstream then to more literal streams, Dr Kira Westaway and Dr Paul Hesse have developed a project that taps into the broad appeal of gaming, in an effort to enhance the teaching of some traditionally difficult concepts in earth sciences. Two games, ‘Flow Your Boat’ and ‘Create Your Own Ice Age’, use a simple, variables-based system to demonstrate complex scientific principles in action.

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Watch: Modularisation of the Engineering Curriculum

The undergraduate Engineering curriculum at Macquarie has been undergoing redesign based on smaller modules. Each semesterised teaching unit addresses a single transformative threshold concept through a coherent sequence of modules. Each module is  self-contained and focuses on a clearly identified skill and knowledge concepts, informed by the threshold concept.

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Building Connections: KickStart at #mqltweek

Have you heard about KickStart, the new program developed by FBE and rolling out in trials across the University? During Learning & Teaching Week 2014, Yvonne Breyer and Mauricio Marrone will be walking you through the project, discussing their efforts to engage students right from the beginning of their course and give them the best possible start.

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