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Abigail is a Research Librarian for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. She is an alumna of Macquarie University's Psychology and English departments and balances her role at the library with a love of literature and an addiction to MOOCs.

Polished Documents Made Easy With Overleaf

Macquarie University Library has recently subscribed to a collaborative writing and publishing tool: Overleaf.  Using this tool, you can create, edit and share your research online. As part of this subscription all current Macquarie University students and staff are able to create a 20GB Pro+ account.   Continue reading Polished Documents Made Easy With Overleaf

Cats on campus?

After the robust discussion around dogs at work sparked by Rebecca Ritchie’s post a few months ago, I thought it was only right that the other half of the population also get to have their say. That’s right – I’m talking about cat people. (And no, I’m not talking about a Doctor Who-esque human-feline hybrid, but those of us who prefer that winning combination of aloofness and unexpected pouncing in our furry friends.)

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