Australian Awards for University Teaching

While maintaining productivity and motivation in your everyday tasks, you may feel at times like your teaching efforts go unannounced. But you need to be reminded that your work is acknowledged and more often than not inspires others.  Below we will hear from Professor John Croucher (pictured above receiving the award at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, from Senator Scott Ryan), the 2013 recipient of the now Australian University Teacher of the Year (AAUT). 

Nominations for the Australian Government’s Awards for Teaching Excellence  2017 will soon close. In 2016 the Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) ceased to exist, however, Teaching Awards have continued as the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT). Although not a prerequisite, previous MQ Vice-Chancellor Learning & Teaching Awardees are encouraged to apply.

For information on the Australian Awards for University Teaching, click here. All nominations must be submitted by a Macquarie Contact Officer, through Staff must contact their respective Associate Deans, Learning and Teaching and/or Team Directors to express interest in applying well in advance of deadlines.

  • 26 April 2017 – Office PVC L&T deadline for Faculty/Office endorsed Citation nominations. Pre-submission Faculty and Office processes may apply. Contact your respective Associate Deans, Learning and Teaching and/or Directors for more information.
  • 28 June 2017 – Office PVC L&T deadline for Faculty/Office endorsed Program & Teaching Awards nominations*.

Macquarie is lucky enough to have within its ranks Professor John Croucher, winner of the 2013 Prime Minister’s Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year (as the AAUTs were previously known).

Professor of Management at MGSM, Professor John Croucher never wanted to be a teacher. “I had a stammer so the last thing I wanted to do was stand up and talk in front of people, but I grew into it and now I love what I do”, he commented to me on the phone this week.

With five PhD’s under his belt (really, five!) it is hard to believe Professor Croucher left school at 16 and started work selling life insurance, with university fees out of reach. After working for three years he saved enough to enrol in University, and subsequently found himself in Macquarie’s first ever lecture delivered by Professor Peter Mason in 1967 (celebrated at the Golden Jubilee Symposium earlier this month).

For Professor Croucher, teaching is a lifelong experience and passing on the enthusiasm for his subject to students has been integral in his practice. “I love teaching students, it provides an opportunity to impart some of your own life experience to a younger audience. It keeps me refreshed, because I am aware it is the first time for the audience and I enjoy the excitement and the challenge of what I do. It’s about creating a lifelong learning for what they are doing and driving passion and enthusiasm for the subject”.

For more information on the Macquarie University’s Vice-Chancellor Awards contact Yanru or Asimo at or your Faculty Associate Deans, L&T.

Click here for the Australian Awards for University Teaching 1997-2015 Booklet and profiles of all its winners.

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