What are Week 1 tutorials?

Do you know that from session 1 2017, all on-campus 100-level units at Macquarie University will be required to offer week 1 tutorials? This is a change, as previously tutorials usually started in week 2. Convenors and tutors will be required to rethink the first tutorial, as the tutorials in week 1 could be before the first lecture. Hence it may not be possible to cover lecture content in the week 1 tutorial.

The Arts Learning and Teaching support team have developed a resource in the Arts Community of Practice called Week 1 tutorials. It is designed for program directors, convenors, tutors and students to ensure that you and your students get the most out of the week 1 tutorial.

Here is a video in the Week 1 tutorials resource for students. Read on to include it in your unit.

The aim of the week 1 tutorial is to help students make the transition from enrolment to your unit so that they can start their journey of learning from week 1. After the first tutorial, students should have an awareness of what they will be learning, how they will participate in lectures, tutorials and online, and begin to participate in a learning community.

There are a number of core and optional outcomes for the week 1 tutorials.  The core outcomes are by the end of the week 1 tutorial a student will:

  1. Understand the general information of the unit and its learning outcomes.
  2. Understand the assessment tasks including the assessment schedule, requirements and due dates.
  3. Understand the principles of academic integrity and know where to find out more.
  4. Participate as a member of learning community with their peers.

You may already address some of these issues in your first tutorial, however, there are also some ideas that you may wish to explore, specifically in the optional outcomes.

Students can access a book that supports student activities for the week 1 tutorials. You can simply add this link (to access, students will need to be in logged into iLearn) to your iLearn unit. We would recommend including this link in an announcement in iLearn so that all students are made aware of it.

Convenors and tutors can use worksheets that they can use to help them deliver both the core and optional learning outcomes.

For program directors, the resource contains a spreadsheet that will help you to map out what students in your program will do in the week 1 tutorial. By using this document, this will help your convenors avoid duplication of the activities completed during the tutorials.

We hope that you find this resource helpful in developing and delivering a week 1 tutorial that sets up your students for success in the coming session.

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