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copyright-98570_640 (2)Why use Unit Readings?

Unit Readings provides access to items on unit readings lists, including book chapters, journal articles, textbooks etc. All readings for a unit can be found through MultiSearch providing convenient and seamless access for students.

Online readings are subject to copyright law requiring all third party material used for teaching (such as journal articles or book chapters) to be registered centrally through the Library’s iShare repository. Library staff check for any copyright restrictions that may apply when making material available to students and can provide guidance and advice in this area.

Library staff can provide a link to all readings for a unit that can be added to an iLearn page.

Why can’t I put copies of scanned books or journal articles on my iLearn pages?

iShare is the University’s designated copyright repository for published material (e.g. book chapters and journal articles) which have been digitised so they can be made available online. Copyright of this kind is best managed through a single repository as it protects the University and teaching staff from copyright breaches.
Before scanning and uploading a reading yourself ask “has this been published?” If the answer is “Yes” then the material should be managed through iShare and listed on Unit Readings.

How do I submit readings for my unit to the Library? Send your reading lists to lib.reserve@mq.edu.au

More information is available on the Library website: http://www.mq.edu.au/about/campus-services-and-facilities/library/teaching-support/reserve-and-online-unit-readings


Please contact the library if you have any questions about copyright & your unit readings: lib.reserve@mq.edu.au

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