Jorge Reyna

Adios, Jorge: LTC Staff member moving on

This week the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) will be saying goodbye to a well loved and respected educational designer, Jorge Reyna. It is fair to say that he has had a significant impact on staff from the LTC and throughout the university. He has been a friendly, helpful and creative colleague that the LTC will be sorry to see leave. However Jorge is moving to greener pastures and Macquarie’s loss is another’s gain. As the field of educational design and technology is small we have no doubt that we’ll run into Jorge in future.

Watercooler caught up with Jorge before his departure to find out about where he’ll be going and what he has most enjoyed about Macquarie.

Where will you be going?

I was successful in obtaining a new position as a Learning Technology Specialist for UTS. I am going to be working for the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning.

What will you miss most about Macquarie?

My colleagues from the LTC, such a diverse and supportive group that made me feel welcome as soon as I arrived. I will miss the academics I worked with on Faculty Partnership Projects, one-help tickets and special projects. I feel we are a family here and I was lucky enough to be part of this wonderful family. Additionally, I was lucky to have a great boss Lucy Arthur, with a great management style, great personality, very supportive and flexible.

What will you be applying from Macquarie to your new job?

Hard question, I was exposed to many different approaches during my stay at Macquarie. You know, in the area of educational technology there is no magic formula, there are various ways to make things work. This depends on the subject and convenor style of teaching and other factors. I probably will promote the Design Develop Implement (DDI) approach, as I believe it is a powerful team-based approach that allows you to apply innovation into the design of units.

What was your favourite part of the campus and why?

I had great conversations with colleagues by the fountain and down near the trees. I am a nature lover and enjoy the outdoors. Macquarie campus is beautiful and I was impressed by the amount of wildlife you can see without trying.

Is there anything else you want to add?

I would like to thank the LTC and the Faculty of Science for the great support during my stay here. I will miss you mis amigos.