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A radical world with no exams

The other afternoon on the way home, I read a great article on the train.  It was inspiring: a school with no grades, no exams, and minimal sitting at desks.

When faced with the options for her twins post graduation from a Steiner school (where students graduate at age 14), actor Tilda Swinton decided to co-found a school for 14 – 17 year olds in Scotland, following the Waldorf/Steiner model of education. The emphasis is on practical learning; one example of a learning activity was building a canoe. Physics, maths, geometry, chemistry – connected learning and collaboration are rolled into an authentic, real-life learning experience.  Read the full article (well worth it).

I wonder how students graduating from non-traditional schools would cope and adjust to current higher educational institutions?


6 thoughts on “A radical world with no exams”

  1. I’m SO jealous! Wish I went to that school! Brilliant article – thanks for sharing, Rebecca. Love the idea of wild garlic and nettle soup on a windy, Scottish island….

    1. I wish I went to a school like that too, Lia and taught at one. It would be fantastic to see kids enjoy learning and experiencing learning that isn’t compartmentalised into subject areas. A bonus trip to a Scottish island isn’t unappealing either! 😉

  2. My immediate question to your final sentence Rebecca is – why do we expect the students to change? Why can’t the current teaching and learning methods ‘adjust’ to be holistic and encompass that type of learning to suit the needs of students, not the needs of the institution?! It starts with each teacher making the change themselves first! We don’t have to ‘wish’, we just do it! 🙂

    1. As we know, change can be slow. Even though there are educators that are doing some great, innovative work and see the benefits of the holistic approach, it can take a long time for movements to take hold and become the norm. :/

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