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4 Years of Brilliant Ideas

We’ve crunched the numbers on 4 years of the Faculty Partnership Program. But because facts and figures don’t always tell the whole story,  we’ve also invited some Macquarie academics (Sijia Guo, Dr Michael Cavanagh, Dr Kirsty Davies, A/Prof Kerry Sherman and Susan Edwards) to provide their reflections, and a few teaching tips…

 By the Numbers: Faculty Partnership Program

FPP Infographic - by Olga Kozar
FPP Infographic – by Olga Kozar

Academics’ Reflections & Tips

Sijia Guo (Department of International Studies)

Sijia Guo
Sijia Guo

How did your students benefit from the work done through your FPP?

“The tasks we designed are conducive to facilitating learners interaction and language learning. The videos we produced are helpful resources for our students to improve their listening and speaking skills.”

Can you share a teaching tip that you acquired through the FPP ? Working with staff with different knowledge background can help you be more active and creative. I love their brilliant ideas.

How did you benefit from working in a partnership with the LTC?
“I collected the data for my PhD study in the FPP project 2013. Also I received a Learning and Teaching Award in Faculty of Arts for designing and implementing online tasks and interactive videos. This year I received an Extension Grant for an extension project of the FPP project 2013.”

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Dr Michael Cavanagh (School of Education)

How did your students benefit from the work done through your FPP?
“The support I got in the FPP made the online learning materials and activities clear and easy for students to follow. They were engaging and students got a lot out of them. I wouldn’t have been able to do that work without help and support from LTC staff.”

Can you share a teaching tip that you acquired through the FPP ? “Keep the online lecture video presentations short, and to the point.”

How did you benefit from working in a partnership with the LTC?
“I got a much better online unit and I learned about some key principles of educational design that I’ve tried to incorporate into other units.”

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Dr Kirsty Davies (Department of Environmental Sciences & Macquarie Law School)

Kirsty's FPP Team
Kirsty and the FPP Team

“As Convenor I have found this FPP invaluable! I wish I could have the assistance of Chris Froissard and the team (including Roneil Latchman, Mike Catabay and Nathan Sollars) every semester that we offer this unit, they contributed important value and dimensions to a unit that has been redesigned and developed.”

“The students, lecturers and tutors enjoyed and appreciated our interactions with the FPP team. They were infinitely patient as we learnt new techniques, always accessible and prompt to respond to queries. They were genuinely interested in the students responses to the introduction of new learning platforms and the delivery of a program that caters for such a diverse and large cohort.”

“Each member of the LEX 102 FPP team invested their time, energy and knowledge beyond the scope of the FPP brief.  As academics they grew our teaching skills and introduced new thinking and approaches to our practices. LEX 102 is now the beneficiary of a vastly improved structure and content which is largely attributable to the FPP. I can’t thank you all enough for offering and delivering the FPP, it’s a great program.”

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Associate Professor Kerry Sherman (Department of Psychology)

“Being a recipient of FPP support through the Faculty of Human Sciences Fellowship gave me the impetus to act upon ideas that I have had for some time about changing my teaching.  Working with the LTC was a great way to brainstorm ideas and to come up with novel learning and teaching solutions. Being part of the FPP program has helped me to have a fresh perspective on learning and teaching and to be willing to try out new ideas. I have also learnt a whole raft of new skills that complement my existing website development skill set.”

“I think the best tip I can give people is to think out of the box with learning and teaching and not be afraid of trying new ideas. I haven’t run this newly revamped unit with students yet, so the feedback is yet to come. In all I would say that without the Learning and Teaching team I would have been for less adventurous about what I could achieve with teaching this unit, and without doubt I have a whole new perspective on learning and teaching. Thanks to all on the LTC team who have assisted with this project, particularly Lee Mowbray!”

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Susan Edwards (Applied Finance Centre)

“I found the whole experience very useful. It caused me to think about my course creation in a very different way and to stand back and look at the overall structure before I began to look at the content.”

“The whole team was enthusiastic and happy to help. It was the first time I have been given any help or support with my teaching and I recommend the team to anyone considering the creation or the up-dating of a course. Not only do they have their own expertise, they also have an over-view of the teaching others are doing and were able to introduce me to academics on campus who were happy to help me with suggestions from their own experience.”

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