Workshop: Web 2.0 Technologies for Higher Education

Last semester I presented to the Faculty of Arts on Web 2.0 technologies for Higher Education. A few people  expressed interest in a repeat session so I thought I’d open it up to the broader University community on Monday 20th July.

What: Web 2.0 technologies for Higher Education
When: 3:00-3:30pm Monday 20th July (followed by open discussion)
Where: E6A116
Who: Anyone interested in exploring the educational potential of Web 2.0 technologies

Please register by email to
This session presents an overview of the Web 2.0 learning technology landscape and discusses ways in which the tools can be used to promote more active and collaborative learning. A typological analysis revealed 37 distinct types of Web 2.0 technologies which have been organised into 13 different clusters. An implication of the analysis is that there are many more tools available to meet the needs of teachers and students than educators generally recognise. Examples of each type of technology will be provided and links to over two hundred freely available tools will be shared. Issues relating to design, assessment and data integrity will also be discussed.