What do students think about KickStart?

90% of 200 students who responded to a voluntary online survey say they would recommend KickStart to other students.

Although this is a relatively small sample of students, and while students identified various elements of KickStart that could be improved – evaluations have indicated that this pre-session engagement initiative is a worthwhile investment of time and effort in order to improve the student experience and help students prepare for a unit of study.

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Comments from the online survey

A short online survey was completed by students in March; responses included the following comments about KickStart:

“Great initiative – and compared to my other unit an extraordinarily professional and supportive representation. Very impressed.” (student, Faculty of Arts)

“An excellent way to introduce the course and alleviate any worries students may have. ” (student, Faculty of Science and Engineering)

“I found KickStart to be a very helpful way to organise myself for the semester ahead.” (student, Faculty of Business and Economics)

“It made me feel as though I knew what was going to happen and the content that would be focused on in the lectures and tutorials.” (student, Faculty of Human Sciences)

KickStart Focus Groups

Focus groups were also held for students to share their experiences with KickStart and most importantly recommend improvements that could be made to help the program further meet its goals.

Key findings from the focus groups included:

  • KickStart is often the only source of information about a unit that students have access to before session starts, so should clearly articulate what students should expect and what is expected from them in a unit.
  • KickStart is most useful when it provides specific guidance on how to succeed in a unit, and is directly relevant to unit content.
  • KickStart packages have the capacity to engage students when they include material and activities that are interesting and challenging.
  • Students are excited about the KickStart initiative and find most KickStart packages engaging and visually appealing. Student feedback should be sought on the content and design of new KickStart packages.
  • KickStart plays a useful role in supporting student transition, building students’ sense of connectedness, capability, purpose, resourcefulness and academic culture: five senses of successful transition identified by Lizzio (2006). The role of KickStart in supporting student transition is discussed in a separate report and will be shared once finalised.

You can read the summary of recommendations made by students and the full report here.

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Special thanks to Jen McPherson

A very big thank you to Jen McPherson for running the focus groups for KickStart as well as writing the evaluation reports. You’ve done a wonderful job Jen!

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