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Votes are in! Lecturer of the Year Awards

Macquarie lecturers have again been voted amongst the country’s very best in the 2014 UniJobs Lecturer of the Year Awards.

Congratulations to Professor Michael Gillings who once again  placed in the top 5 in Australia, and Dr Kevin Brooks from the Department of Psychology who wasn’t far behind at number 7. See the Australian results here.

Macquarie’s  Top Ten

Here are the Macquarie staff who attracted the most votes:
#1 – Mr. Michael Gillings (Biological Sciences)
#2 – Dr. Kevin Brooks (Psychology)
#3 – Dr. Paul Mason (Anthropology)
#4 – Mr. Matthew Mansour (Computing)
#5 – Prof. Anthony Lambert (Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies)
#6 – Associate Prof. Greg Downey (Anthropology)
#7 – Dr. Ian Stephen (Psychology)
#8 – Prof. Micheal Gillings (Biological Sciences) (*we think this might be a mistake!)
#9 – Dr. James Martin (Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism)
#10 – Dr. Troy Sarina (Marketing and Management)

Honourable mention to Dr Danny Liu who made the University of Sydney’s top three, but has recently joined Macquarie as a Lecturer,  Academic Practice in the Learning and Teaching Centre.

Where are the Macquarie women?

We couldn’t help but notice the absence of women on Macquarie’s top ten list. Maybe something to think about when you nominate for the 2015 Awards!

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