Vote for your favourite new features in Turnitin!

Take a sneak peak at Turnitin in 2017 and how you can help decide which new features will be added to Turnitin in the future.

Did you know that you can have your say and vote on what Turnitin should focus on developing next? Check it out on their User Voice site. You’ll notice that most of what we’d like to see here has already been suggested by others in the community, such as group submission and the ability to enter a non-numeric grade. However, you have 10 votes to allocate among your top choices and help push them to the top of the list! To access User Voice, simply click on the Roadmap icon when you’re next in the document viewer marking a paper.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 2.34.02 pm




You’ll be able to see what has been suggested, how many votes each has received and Turnitin’s response to whether it is possible or not.

The biggest improvement coming in Session 1, 2017 is ‘Feedback Studio‘ which is essentially a much clearer and easier to use document viewer. There will be more information coming to Macquarie about this soon, but you can take a sneak peak at the Feedback Studio demo if you’re keen now!