The challenge of providing useful feedback

Formative feedback is one of the best ways of enhancing student learning. To be effective, it needs to be appropriately targeted and students need to take it on board.

Unfortunately, despite the time and effort put in by instructors, students are often disaffected by the type of feedback they receive. The challenge for instructors is to provide the most useful feedback without excess effort, and for students to understand how to apply the feedback for maximum benefit in future studies.

This new Effective Feedback resource is aimed at helping instructors and students meet those challenges. The guidelines have been developed based on solid research and designed to be practical for both providers and receivers of formative feedback. I hope you will take the time to engage with these guidelines – as instructor or student – to optimise learning outcomes.

I fully endorse this new learning and teaching resource and urge teachers and students to make the most of it to enhance the learning experience at Macquarie.

Emeritus Professor Richard Henry
Acting Executive Dean
Faculty of Human Sciences