Is my unit in iLearn? Tool for students

Students can use this nifty tool to find out if their unit is in iLearn and when they should gain access to it.

Around the start of session, the helpdesk receives many questions from students about access to their units in iLearn.  However, it could just be that their unit is not set to open just yet. Every teaching unit is different and it is up to the unit convenor to set student access dates in iTeach. Some will be open a week or two before session and others not until session has started. There are also some units that do not have an iLearn space.

Here you can check for yourself! Simply enter a unit code into the ‘Is my unit in iLearn?’ tool to see if the unit is in iLearn and when it will open for student access.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.06.24 pm

What to do next?

If the unit does not appear in the list, it has not yet been configured to be online. Students should then contact the unit convenor (provided in the unit guide) or contact the unit’s department for more information.

However, if the unit is shown as available and the student enrolled in the unit more than 48 hours ago, then contact OneHelp to check if there is a technical problem.

Try it out here – Is my unit in iLearn?