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Understanding student behaviours in iLearn with Learning Analytics

Have you often wondered what your students were up to in the maze that is iLearn? There are so many things to keep track of! Students spending time (or not) on iLearn. Students submitting assignments on time (or not). Students responding to forums posts (or not). Students doing well in assignments (or not).

How can you identify students that may be struggling and at risk of falling behind, and even perhaps, either withdrawing or failing? From Session 1 2017 there is a new plugin that brings learning analytics to iLearn.

The Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin (MEAP) can track which students you deem at risk of falling behind. It allows you to create a customised profile of an “at-risk student” in your unit, send personalised, tailored emails to students that meet that profile. Provide you (and your HOD) with a record of what you have done to help your students.

“MEAP mailer” by Chris Froissard © Macquarie University
“MEAP mailer” by Chris Froissard © Macquarie University

MQU staff have been piloting MEAP for three sessions and it is now available to all convenors on iLearn. To ensure students receive a consistent and quality learning experience and so that convenors get the most out of MEAP, convenors must attend a  MEAP workshop before it is activated in their unit. Alternatively, if you are one of the convenors that have already used MEAP during the pilot, the workshop is optional and MEAP can be activated in your unit.

What now?


Register for the MEAP workshop on Wednesday 22 February (11am-12pm) or (if you have already used MEAP) contact to activate MEAP.

For more information

To find out more about MEAP,  why not read Can we use learning analytics to improve student unit completion?

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Written by Chris Froissard

Chris Froissard

Chris is a keen and passionate educational technologist. He has worked in many different educational sectors over the years. He recently completed a Masters of Education at Macquarie University. He is one of the Senior Learning Designers at the Faculty of Arts for Macquarie University. His aim is to bring the worlds of educational practitioners together with educational researchers to create effective and transformative teaching and learning experiences.

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