Turnitin webinar: Crafting Quickmarks to capture student’s attention

Want some tips for writing snappy, effective comments in Turnitin/Grademark? Super! Turnitin are running a webinar on the 19th October, 8am. Read on for more info and registration link.

Comment Crafting: Strategies for Using QuickMarks to Capture Students’ Attention is a free, 45-minute webinar.

Facilitated by Audrey Wick, English Professor at Blinn College, she will discuss her tips for efficiency, customising QuickMarks and for making them fun and engaging to (fingers crossed) ensure that your students will read and apply your feedback in their work.

Here’s an incentive: if you attend the live webinar, you will receive a certificate of participation.  Put that in your PDR!

Register here.

Written by Rebecca Ritchie

Rebecca Ritchie

Rebecca is a Senior Learning Designer at Macquarie.

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