The top 6 from iLearn: Wrapped up and ready for a happy new year in 2017!

Look back and remember some of the best iLearn tips and info from this year and get set for a great 2017!

How to give your iLearn unit a good clean up
While last session is still fresh in your mind and before your brain goes to a mush of tinsel and and mangoes, now is the time to review what you could improve for next time. Check out these simple strategies and examples of how you can do this.

iLearn is opening up
Get some fresh inspiration for your iLearn unit and share ideas with your colleagues when iLearn opens to all MQ staff on 5 December, 2016. Read all of the details of what open iLearn will look like and how it can be helpful for us.

Revive an online forum
Maybe one of the things you identified in your review to improve was a dry and dull online forum? These 11 tips to ‘save your online forum from tumbleweed syndrome’ will help you create something more vibrant and focussed for you and your students.

Foolproof your Turnitin setup
Turnitin can be tricky at times but following these simple tips can help make sure things run smoothly throughout the session.

Turnitin paper view request
Refer back to this article which outlines what to do if you receive a Turnitin paper view request from another instructor.

Where are we heading in 2017 and beyond? The Learning Technologies and Spaces Roadmap
Hold onto your seats, or maybe better to let go of them and get ready for more active learning, flipping classrooms, blended learning and innovation. Plans underway to decide on the future direction of learning technologies at Macquarie.