A throwback to a better time, a better world (plus drinks!)

The long-toothed amongst us will remember that, before the term ‘poster’ was an agent noun referring to someone who posts stuff on social media (angry or otherwise), the term was a regular ol’ noun, denoting some largish paper with a bit of a message.

It is in the traditional sense that we invite you to our Poster Session for Learning & Teaching Week, 2014, and our Best Poster Awards and Post-Conference Drinks!

Join us first on Tuesday morning at the inspiring time of 9am (check the program for details) for a wander amongst some of the exciting new projects taking shape across the campus, including the work of the 2014 Innovation and Scholarship Program (ISP) grant winners. Many of the posters represent early stage research and project designs, very much at the cutting edge of the field. It’s a great opportunity to find out about the innovations occurring throughout the university and provide some valuable feedback. Presenters will be on hand to talk through their projects, answering questions and delving in to greater detail.

During the session, you can vote for your favourite poster, which will be tallied up to decide the ‘People’s Choice’ award. The award, along with an ‘Official Selection’, will be presented at the Post-Conference Drinks on Wednesday at 4:30pm in the Art Gallery.


Registration is not required for the Poster Session, but you will need to register to attend the awards and drinks.

If you can’t make the official Poster Session fear not: they’ll be on display all week, and each poster has contact details for you to follow up on.