Three ways to let work behind the scenes in your unit

Have you ever wished that your students were able to access some background learning that would make them more effective and successful students? Do some of your students lack basic Word, Excel or Powerpoint skills that would help them perform better? Do you want students to have foundation learning in your field but have no time to teach these fundamentals? may be part of the answer. 
The new university-wide subscription to Lynda offers a range of ways to help your students develop some fundamental skills and background knowledge.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint: not all students are proficient!

We sometimes assume students are more proficient than we are at programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, but this is not always true. The  Fundamentals of Microsoft Office programs playlist links students to all courses in Word, Excel or Powerpoint – in whatever version they have on their computer.

Study skills, basic maths and oral presentations

These video courses can help students to develop skills in basic academic areas.

Fundamentals in your discipline is strongest in the business and IT area, so lecturers in these areas may find that there are Lynda courses that could offer students a grounding in particular areas. It is always worth logging in to Lynda to check it out.

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The Learning Innovation Hub are holding a TechTalk on Lynda in Week 5.