Is this thing working or is it just me?!

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve been about to throw the mouse through the blank computer screen, only to realise (or worse have it pointed out to you) that the power isn’t turned on! Or the dead remote control through the blank TV screen as your toddler frantically screams for Peppa Pig, only to realise he’s taken the batteries out and hidden them!

These moments make me question if it’s just me or is it happening to everyone else when something doesn’t work.

An easy way to find out (before too much damage is done to your screen or surrounding office furniture) is to check out for the operational status of all IT systems and services at Macquarie and now includes iLearn and other learning technologies. You can also subscribe via email or SMS to receive the latest updates on service outages and scheduled maintenance for the systems you choose.

So go ahead and bookmark it!

For questions, contact the IT Service Desk at or  9850 HELP (4357).